When people discuss flirting, they often focus on the verbal element ~ ‘chatting up’ and knowing what to say, etc . But a person’s initial impression of you is based 54% on your appearance and body-language, 38% within the style of your speaking and only 7% on what you actually claim.

Flirting through assured and friendly body posture is a key aspect of powerful flirting. While it’s important to offer an appealing facial area, the main truth is to convey that you want a person without appearing harmful or ruthless. This can be done through ‘facial signals’ such as eye-to-eye contact (aim to secure your target’s gaze for at least a single second) to demonstrate that you’re interested, smiling showing approval or disapproval, frowning to point puzzlement or disapproval and ‘body language’ just like placing turn in pocket, hand out to increase the size of the torso or inclined on lap height.,_op_29_december_1903_in_Den_Haag,_KITLV_69113.tiff

When a person likes you, they will unconsciously’mirror’ or ‘echo’ the postures showing harmony and affinity with you. When ever this ‘postural congruence’ is definitely combined with an optimistic response to your comments or actions, it is highly likely that a person is going to view you being a potential partner for a flirtation. This ‘echoing’ effect can be enhanced by simply body-touch, specifically ‘hand-clasping movements’ and palm-rubbing. But it is important to avoid ‘anxious gestures’, which are more likely to be construed as indications of nervousness or insecurity, such as fidgeting or perhaps nervous hand-rubbing.

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