White Masterbatch is made of the high quality TiO(Rutile TiO2), Polyethylene resin and other special additives.

Compatibility: LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP

It can be mixed with polyethylene resin for film blowing, casting, extrusion etc. and is easy to disperse with good compatibility. It functions as a modifier to improve the heat resistance, slip resistance, size stability and printability. It also reduces heat release from burning and therefore it prevents further environmental pollution.


– Blowing PE films

– PP Non-woven fabric

– Woven PP bags 25kg, jumbo bag

– HDPE Blow molding & PP Injection molding

It can improve machine’s extrusion efficiency and increase film & mold’s physical properties.


Item Test Method Unit Result
TiO2 (rutile) ASH TESTER % 30-70
Carrier resin   LLDPE
Moisture content IR % ≤0.08
Melting index (190°C/ 2.16kg) ASTM1368 g/10mins 5-25
Particle size       mm 2.2±0.5
Appearance   White Oval
Powder Size BETTERSIZE 1 micron
Light durability   6-8
Loading   % 3-15